Jen Lucas

How to Work a Yarn Over

Jen Lucas
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Duration:   2  mins

A yarn over (yo) is an increase that deliberately adds a hole to your knitting. You’ll most often seen this increase used in lace knitting, but it has lots of other interesting applications in knitting as well. In this video, Jen Lucas shows you how to work a yarn over increase when working in stockinette stitch.

To work a yarn over when working knit stitches, follow these simple steps:

  • – Bring the yarn in between the knitting needle to the front of the work
  • – Bring the yarn up and over the right needle to the back of the work
  • – Knit the next stitch (or the next stitch listed in your pattern) to lock the yarn over into place

This increase is one of the easiest ones to work, as you are taking the yarn over the needle to create a new stitch. It’s also a great increase to use decoratively, like for shawl increases or for shaping a top-down raglan sweater.