Rachael Teufel

Trimming and Leveling Cake Layers

Rachael Teufel
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Duration:   10  mins

Have you ever noticed that two cakes baked in identical cake pans in the same oven can vary in shape and size? Everything from uneven rises with domes and sinking middles to shrunken and bulging sides and edges can occur. In order to end with a perfectly iced cake, it’s important to start with level layers and even sides. In this video, cake designer Rachael Teufel shares her tips and tricks to leveling cake layers and trimming the sides of the cake to take in account for uneven baking and decorator error while stacking. Come along as she shares two methods for leveling your cakes.

The first method utilizes a cake decorating turntable and a large, serrated knife. This method is ideal for the beginner cake decorators that may not have a cake leveler on hand. The second method utilizes a professional cake leveler, which can easily create even layers that range from thick to thin. After leveling the cake, Rachael shares her tips and tricks for trimming the sides of the cake to ensure adequate space between the edges of the board and the cake for icing. When your layers are ready to be reassembled with fillings and icing, head on over to Rachael’s video on Stacking and Trimming Cake Layers.