About Us

Making Just Got Easier

Designed specifically for public libraries across the nation, Craft & Hobby is an extensive online platform that aims to provide library patrons with access to creative educational resources. With Craft & Hobby, library patrons can explore in-depth online instructional videos and classes that span 22 different creative categories, allowing them to learn a new hobby or improve their skills in an existing area. Thanks to Craft & Hobby’s on-demand streaming videos, patrons can learn whenever and wherever they choose!

Our main goal is to serves as the ultimate creative learning resource for your community. Craft & Hobby features thousands of classes taught by world renowned experts, who walk patrons through each technique clearly with step-by-step demonstrations, providing expert tips and tricks along the way.

At Craft & Hobby, we know that serving your community and creating a sense of community is a BIG job! We want to be your go-to resource for creativity; helping you inspire your patrons with individual classes and group events.