Blocking Handknits

Andrew Krzynowek
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Meet your Instructor, Kate Atherley, and find out more about the class.
Kate shows a variety of blocked and unblocked projects to show how blocking helps flatten and shape knit pieces and show off stitch patterns.
Learn how to make blocking part of your finishing process, whether you're knitting a single item or seaming together multiple pieces.
It's as simple as getting your project thoroughly wet! You can use a bucket of water or the washing machine, depending on the project and the fiber.
Consider your yarn's fiber content when determining how to handle it. Kate discusses wool washes, blocking with stitch holders and how to dry your project.
Some pieces require pins or wires when blocking to show off their stitches and shape. Kate shows you how to use these simple tools for the best effect.
From socks and mittens to curved shawls, your creations deserve the best! You can return to this lesson again and again for tips on blocking any project.
Kate discusses how to care for your knitted items and addresses that dreaded foe: clothes moths. Find out the best ways to avoid damage to your precious wool.
Kate covers a few last hints for blocking, including dealing with colorfastness, speed-drying and blocking to lengthen a garment.
9 Lessons
2  hrs 5  mins

After you’ve finished knitting a project, use blocking techniques to bring out the best in your work! With knitwear designer and author Kate Atherley as your guide, learn how to use blocking wires to make your stitchwork pop, your knitwear fit, your projects feel soft to the touch, and so much more. Kate will teach you about blocking, drying, and caring for a huge range of fibers, as well as how to protect your projects and supplies from moths and pests. Kate will even demystify using blocking wires to create perfectly straight edges, and pinning projects to form the shape and size you desire. Plus, Kate will take you step-by-step through blocking mittens, hats, lace scarves, lace shawls, one-piece, and multi-piece garments for the fabulous finish they deserve.

Andrew Krzynowek


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