David Johnston

Composition Essentials for Outdoor Photography

David Johnston
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Composition is the arrangement of subjects within your image. How you arrange the things that construct your photograph has a lot to do with how well the photo turns out. Composition basics are designed to be guidelines to assist you in the organization of your framing. After watching this session, you’ll be able to construct quality images based on your knowledge of the composition guidelines.
While composition rules and guidelines are helpful, it’s also important to be able to express yourself creatively as a photography. Remember, compositional rules aren’t set in stone. This session will show you when to break the rules and how to see good compositions that go beyond the standard guidelines.
Did you know that your lens selection has everything to do with how your composition will look? It’s true. This session will teach you what a telephoto lens will do to the elements that are within your frame as well as how a telephoto lens will impact your outdoor photography compositions.
Just like a telephoto lens will impact how your photos look, a wide-angle lens will also distort the frame to give a specific look. Based on the technology of a wide-angle lens, your compositions will be adjusted significantly. After watching this session, you’ll be able to know what the composition benefits are of using a wide-angle lens.
Wildlife photography needs proper composition as well. The only challenge with wildlife photography is that your subjects are unpredictable and constantly moving. This session will show you how to adapt to your subjects while framing them properly in your wildlife photography.
It’s always interesting to see where composition will lead you. For some, they like to stay within the guidelines. Others are more rebellious and like to break the rules of compositions. No matter where you go, you will start seeing more advanced lines and shapes throughout the frame. This session will take you through advanced ideas to get you started.
Compositions don’t stop in the field. You can actually fine-tune your outdoor photography compositions in post-processing. Lightroom is probably the most popular post-processing software for outdoor photographers. This session will show you how to finalize your professional compositions to take them to the next level.
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Learning how to use composition is the one way you are guaranteed to improve your outdoor photography. Composition is the arrangement of the subjects that make up your photograph.

Artists, like famous painters, have used composition essentials for centuries. Photographers today can do the same! Knowing how and where to place the objects in your photographs leads to an organized image that makes sense to your viewers.

In this video class, you’ll learn how to use composition essentials in outdoor photography so you can start taking better photos.

We will go into the field to look at composition basics that you can use as guidelines in your outdoor photography. Not only that, but we will also discover when you can break those rules to develop your own creative vision.

In addition to the detailed video instruction you will receive, this class will provide you with some free downloadable PDF resources including a class guide that you can use to follow along and better visualize the composition principles we will be discussing. You’ll also receive a resource to better visualize some of the composition basics for outdoor photography.

After the class, you will be confident in creating organized photos using your new composition knowledge for grand scenes, small detail photography, and wildlife photography.

David Johnston

David Johnston is a professional outdoor photographer located in the beautiful state of Tennessee. He is most familiar with photographing older mountain landscapes of the Appalachian Mountains, and occasionally ventures into other locations around the world to capture amazing outdoor scenes. David began his passion of photography in high school where he learned to photograph with film cameras and develop his own prints in the darkroom. However, after college he switched to digital photography and began his business photographing the outdoors as well as teaching people how to improve their skills in outdoor photography. When David isn’t traveling and taking photos, he’s just like you! He enjoys lounging on the couch, watching sports, and spending time with his wife and friends.

David Johnston

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