Cushion Rejuvenation

Andrew Krzynowek
Cushion Rejuvenation
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Meet sewing expert Aurora Sisneros, and let her guide you through the rejuvenation of your cushions. You will have the opportunity to make a cushion cover from start to finish. Take the techniques you learn in this class to help you to expand from cushions to throw pillows, dog beds and more!

You can choose just about any fabric you are drawn to that will fit your décor, and Aurora will help guide you with great tips to make your cushions last many seasons. In some of the outdoor cases, regular fabric can fade easily, but you will gain some insight on outdoor fabrics for your patio furniture needs! Learn about the many different options you have for your cushion covers, as well as a few brand names and technologies you will need to pick just the right fabric.

Getting the right measurements to get a perfect fit is one of the hardest parts about any sewing project, but Aurora has a fool-proof guide to measuring and cutting the perfect square. This segment will show you how to measure the exact cushion dimensions for you to enter into a surefire formula to get the exact size of panels you need! Once your pattern pieces are cut, you will get step-by-step instruction on the assembly process to get that coveted fabric on your cushions!

If you have ever attempted to sew a zipper before, you know it can be a fussy task. This segment will show you new and innovative products to help you measure your zipper length, adjust it if necessary, baste it in, and stitch it to perfection. With these tips and techniques, you will never fear the zipper again. Aurora will show you how to adjust the length, giving you the flexibility to use any zipper you may have laying around.

In this segment, Aurora will show you how beneficial gussets are in order to add dimension to your cushion. In a step-by-step process, you will have the chance to learn how to get the shape that you want for your project, and Aurora will give you a variety of tips for any cushion or pillow you will want to create. You will learn how to measure and adjust the seam, sew over a zipper and put the finishing touches on your cushion.

5 Lessons
1  hrs 16  mins

Do you want to add a little more personality into your home? Tired of needing new cushions every season? Are you someone who wants to change up your décor on a regular basis? This class is just for you!

We tend to throw away cushions when they have a tear or have been bleached from the sun, but with this class, you will have the opportunity to save your cushions and make them look brand new! From rejuvenating old cushions with rips or ones that have lost their color from the sun, to giving your patio furniture a little festivity for summer, Aurora will give you the techniques you need to know to put a unique touch to your furniture. In this class, you will have the opportunity to learn all you need, whether you are making one cushion or many! Aurora will also give you great insight on:

  • How to choose your fabric
  • The easiest way to measure your cushion and get a perfect right angle
  • Assembling and shaping the cushion
  • Insight on a variety of projects you will be able to do after this class
  • You will have the opportunity to learn how to measure cushions and find out how much fabric is needed, as well as learn to make a zipper, giving you the flexibility to change the design whenever you wish!

    If you are looking for a fun and multi-purpose skill that will brighten up your home inside and out, start here and now! Also included is a downloadable and printable step-by-step guide and formula sheet to perfect your measurements.

    Andrew Krzynowek


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