Ruby Mac

Fashion Attic: Make Your Own Style

Ruby Mac
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Meet Ruby Mac! With some time and a little skill, you can add fun embellishments to jeans, denim jackets and shorts using a few low-cost supplies such as ribbon, fabric and beads. Ruby shows you how!
Add a pop of color and funky stitching to your favorite pair of old jeans to make them fun and functional again.
Sweatpants? Boring. Sweatshorts? Cute! Ruby shows you how to hem and cuff those pants, replace the drawstring with a colorful ribbon and add pearls for comfy yet stylish look.
Customizing Your Clothes: Pom-Pom Pants
Follow along as Ruby walks you step by step through designing a mini clothing collection, from collecting inspiration to making a mood board to drawing your first sketch.
With the croquis (body drawings) provided in your class materials, sketch along with Ruby to start designing shirts, skirts and pants, then combine them to create complete outfits for your mini collection.
Color is a critical component of your mini collection, but choosing the hues can feel more like play when the colored pens come out. Consult your mood board for your favorite fabric shades and patterns as you color in your croquis, then add fashion details and model features to finalize your fantasy runway.
Using a simple commercial pattern, Ruby takes you through her process of creating a cute circle skirt using neoprene knit fabric. If you're familiar with sewing machine basics, this project is a great introduction to garment sewing. Begin by choosing your size and cutting out the pattern pieces.
Ruby demonstrates how to lay out your skirt fabric, pin the paper pattern pieces to it and cut it out. You'll also add markings to a few important spots that will help you put all the pieces together later.
Ready to start sewing? Begin with the skirt's waistband and sew the two long pieces together, leaving a gap for elastic. Ruby shares some tips for using your sewing machine and for pinning and pressing your seams.
Your skirt is almost done! In almost no time you'll have the side seams sewn and the waistband attached. Just add a little elastic and you're ready to twirl!
11 Lessons
48  mins

In this sewing and design class, talented teen designer Ruby Mac empowers kids to take their first steps into the world of fashion. From customizing clothes to designing a collection to sewing a simple skirt, Ruby shows you how fun and easy it is to express yourself through style!

Ruby Mac

Ruby is a Project Runway Junior alumna who was eliminated before her time, but that hasn't stopped her from pursuing her passion for fashion. Her label RubyMac is on two collections, including Doyenne, which debuted at New York Fashion Week. She's a talented singer to boot!

Ruby Mac

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