ZJ Humbach

Getting Started with a Longarm Quilting Machine

ZJ Humbach
Getting Started with a Longarm Quilting Machine
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There is so much to consider when looking at purchasing a longarm quilting machine. ZJ is going to help guide you through the process to make sure your eyes are open to everything you need to consider.
Wondering what all the fuss is about longarm machines? ZJ Humbach will show the differences between your domestic machine and a longarm machine, the advantages of a longarm machine, and the limitations to consider before you invest in one.
Overwhelmed by the various options? Confused by hand guided and computerized? Wondering what you really need? This segment will make you savvy in a hurry and help you sort through the maze!
A new machine is a big purchase, but there’s more to buy than just the machine. Find out what additional tools and items you will need to get started and also to maintain your new machine.
Start out on the right foot by mastering the technical skills of longarm quilting. You’ll see how to quickly and efficiently load a quilt onto the machine each and every time.
Maximize your time and have less frustration by learning what and how to practice. Learn the secrets to becoming proficient at longarm quilting.
There’s nothing like having a reference library at your fingertips. ZJ shares her favorite longarm books with you that cover everything from set up to quilting for profit.
The bonus project is actually three different practice quilts that are perfect for trying out your new machine: a whole cloth quilt, a panel quilt, and a pieced quilt. Each is designed to quickly enhance your skills.
8 Lessons
2  hrs 2  mins

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about with longarm machines and been overwhelmed by the various options? In this class, your instructor ZJ Humbach is ready to help you out.

There are so many differences, advantages and limitations between your conventional machine and a longarm machine and ZJ will help you decide on what is best for you. She will cover the various options of machines, explain the difference of hand guided and computerized and help determine what will work best for your needs.

Once you decide on the machine you aren’t done. There are additional tools and items you will want to purchase to keep your machine running smoothly. ZJ will also provide you some of her insider tips on batting and thread and will also get into technical skills that will help get you started.

Just like anything else practice will only make you better. ZJ will share her secrets to becoming proficient in longarm quilting. Included in this class are three different practice quilts for you. Start off with a whole cloth quilt, try out a panel quilt, and then make a pieced quilt that you can bind to show off your new quilting skills.

As part of the class you will also receive downloadable and printable patterns and other reference materials.

ZJ Humbach

ZJ Humbach is a professional longarm quilter and pattern designer who owns and operates Dream Stitcher Quilt Studio in Nederland, Colorado. Her work appears in McCall’s Quilting, Quilters Newsletter, and Quiltmaker magazines. A former Quilters Newsletter editor, she wrote a longarm quilting column, “Finish Line,” for each issue. Now ZJ is a freelance writer for Quilters Newsletter and the Studio Arts Quilt Associates (SAQA) Journal. She also quilts regularly for Connecting Threads. ZJ has enjoyed machine sewing since age 12. She has a strong educational background in clothing construction, tailoring, and interior design plus a Master of Arts Teaching degree with an emphasis on curriculum development and adult education.

ZJ Humbach

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