Perfect Knits Every Time: Understanding Knitting Patterns

Andrew Krzynowek
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Meet veteran knitting instructor and pattern designer Kate Atherley and begin learning about the process of choosing a knitting pattern. Kate discusses where to find patterns and the qualities to look for that will indicate the pattern is right for you.
With your pattern in hand, choose the perfect yarn for your pattern with Kate's guidance. Learn about types and sizes of yarn and how to interpret the yarn information called for in the pattern. Get the right gauge so your garment fits perfectly!
Try your pattern on for size -- before you knit! Kate takes the mystery out of choosing the correct size in your pattern. She explains sizing numbers, using schematics and determining ease, then shares tips on taking your measurements for fitting success.
Ready to start knitting? Kate helps you prepare your knitting kit, then guides you through reading the pattern's written instructions, tackling common stitch patterns and staying on track with stitches and rows.
If you're a more visual learner, charts are a great way to follow a pattern and keep track of your place. Learn the basics of chart-reading with Kate's guidance and see how they mirror your knitting. Kate also discusses chart and symbol variations.
Success with a pattern can be as simple as pausing to measure, checking for mistakes and keeping track of your rows and stitches. Kate shares tips for using markers in your work, and how to add a lifeline in case you encounter a mistake you can't fix easily.
Give yourself a challenge and tackle a more advanced pattern; you'll find it's not as hard as you thought. Kate lends encouragement and talks you through some of the trickier instructions you might encounter. You'll be all set up for knitting success!
7 Lessons
2  hrs 55  mins

Choose the pattern that’s right for you and your skill set, every time! Join designer Kate Atherley and get equipped with the skills you need to find, evaluate and follow knitting patterns. During class, you’ll discover what to look for in your pattern so you can be sure it’s well-written. Then, Kate will teach you symbols, terminology and shortcuts as she takes you step by step through reading a pattern. Once you’re comfortable with written patterns, you’ll discover how to read and follow knitting charts and how to keep track of your stitches and rows for accurate knitting. Interested in knitting more complex projects? Kate will end class by helping you simplify advanced patterns, so you can challenge yourself and succeed at projects that are sure to make you proud!

Andrew Krzynowek


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