Nicky & Stu Alden

Screen Printing 101

Nicky & Stu Alden
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Get started as Stu and Nicky go over the basic screen printing process.
Learn best practices for strong design and get tips for creating artwork digitally or by hand. You'll understand when to include registration marks for clean, crisp designs.
Find out how to choose the right type of screen for your project. Then see how to coat, expose, and wash out your screens before it's time to print.
Watch as Nicky demonstrates printing on fabric. She also shows you the best kind of ink to use and how to print multiple colors.
Follow along as Stu walks you through the process of printing on paper.
See how to remove stencils from your screens so you can use them again and again. No waste here!
Explore more advanced screen printing techniques as Stu and Nicky offer up some creative ideas.
Discover the many things that inspire Stu and Nicky and how those inspirations affect their design choices.
Stu and Nicky share some of their most memorable posters as well as the stories behind them.
Stu and Nicky discuss the joys of teaching workshops and why teaching is so important to them.
Wondering where you can go with screen printing? Stu and Nicky reminisce on the places they've traveled thanks to their work.
11 Lessons
37  mins

Get off the computer and get ink on your hands! Graphic designers Stu and Nicky Alden open the doors of Ink Lounge, their creative studio in Denver, Colorado, for a peek inside the world of screen printing. This overview series shows just how involved the process can be. From sweet T-shirts to bigger-than-life posters, you’ll discover you need space, equipment, and a lot of practice to get to the final product. For more in-depth guidance and hands-on experience on how to do it at home, we suggest attending a local class or workshop to enjoy this rewarding process for yourself.

Nicky & Stu Alden

Stu and Nicky Alden are the owners of Ink Lounge, a Denver-based screen printing and design studio. The husband-and-wife team has created posters for many high-profile events, including the 2008 Democratic National Convention, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Colorado’s 50th Anniversary, and the HOW National Design Conference. Most recently, one of their posters was selected to be in the Denver Art Museum’s permanent collection.

Nicky & Stu Alden

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