See It, Crochet It: Reading Diagrams

Andrew Krzynowek
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Meet your instructor, crochet designer Charles Voth, and get started learning how stitch diagrams function as easy-to-follow maps for your projects. Charles goes over the basic crochet stitch symbols, how they relate to each other and how they indicate your hook's path. You'll be eager to start working on the sampler cowl pattern that's included with your class.
When you can read a row diagram, you're less likely to get lost amid all the text and punctuation that goes into written instructions. Charles walks you through a simple pattern so you can see how the stitches correspond with the symbols. Learn about reading right- and wrong-side rows, tackle ripple and wave stitch patterns and see how pattern repeats become crystal-clear when shown on a diagram.
More advanced stitches require increasingly complicated diagrams, but you'll be able to find your way easily with Charles' help. Tackle a pattern full of post — or raised — stitches, spike stitches and star stitches with confidence!
Shell, bobble, puff and popcorn stitches add luscious texture to your crochet and are easy to accomplish with the help of symbols that illustrate exactly where to put your hook. Charles demonstrates these more elaborate stitches and shows how to read their symbols both on the diagram and in your work. You also learn the shorthand symbols for groups of stitches, such as a picot made of chains.
Convert your flat-diagram skills into reading diagrams in the round with Charles' guidance. From a chain ring or adjustable ring, you'll work your way outward in rounds or a spiral, reading symbols and deciphering helpful numbers along the way. Your work in the round might end up as a circular doily, or as square block for your sampler cowl!
Charles helps you meet the challenge of three-dimensional crochet patterns by explaining how the stitches are translated onto a two-dimensional diagram, whether you're making a layered flower as a cowl embellishment or spheres for stuffed amigurumi toys. Charles also walks you through seaming up and adding an edging to your gorgeous accessory.
Even if you don't read Russian or Japanese, you can still puzzle out international charts and symbols with Charles' helpful hints, opening up a whole new world of crochet possibilities. Or stretch your imagination and start sketching your own diagrams, playing around with stitch patterns to create original designs or modify existing ones. Charles will show you how!
7 Lessons
1  hrs 37  mins

Never be confused about where to make the next stitch! Crochet expert Charles Voth shows you how to make sense of crochet symbols and diagrams for crochet that’s fast and enjoyable. First, learn essential crochet stitch symbols and find out how they relate to each other and indicate your hook’s path. Then, read row diagrams and tackle ripple and wave stitch patterns with ease. Next, discover how symbols make it easy to read stitches that jump rows and involve various insertion points – like star, shell, spike and popcorn stitches. Move on to diagrams worked in the round and create a square motif for your cowl. Then, see how two-dimensional diagrams make sense of three-dimensional crochet, including flowers and popular Amigurumi toys. Plus, take your hook on a tour of the world as you learn how to read charts from France, Russia, Japan, and beyond!

Andrew Krzynowek


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