Nicki LaFoille

Sew a Decorative Stitched Tunic

Nicki LaFoille
Sew a Decorative Stitched Tunic
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In this session, we’ll go over the list of supplies needed to make your tunic, plus get a brief overview of all the skills and techniques you’ll learn while making your tunic.

Learn tips and tricks for precise pattern cutting in this session. Once all required pattern pieces are cut out, Nicki will discuss different pattern marking techniques and how to choose the right one for your chosen fabric.

Apply a cuff facing to finish the slit sleeve detail and the characteristic tunic V-neckline. Learn how to troubleshoot fabric puckers for a smooth neckline finish.

Whether you want to feature big, bright decorative stitching, or subtle tone-on-tone detail, Nicki shows you how to get the look you want in this session. Nicki will also discuss choosing the right decorative stitch for your chosen thread and how to avoid fabric puckering using stabilizer.

In this session, you’ll learn how to use the flat sleeve insertion technique to set the sleeves into the tunic bodice for efficiency of seams with little to no stress. Then attach the pocket bags for in-seam pockets, a useful detail in any garment.

Stitch the sleeve seam, side seam, and pocket bag all in one efficient movement. Then finish up the hem, including the characteristic tunic side-seam slit. Nicki will teach you tips for even pressing, topstitching and eliminating bulk in a hem.

In the final session, Nicki will discuss some simple options to customize the tunic. Get a brief overview of easy pattern alterations to create different looks.

7 Lessons
1  hrs 46  mins

The tunic is a timeless style that can be customized in a manner of ways. In this comprehensive class, Nicki LaFoille will teach you a number of skills and techniques to give you the confidence needed to sew your own custom tunic!

Once you have your pattern cut and marked you will be ready to learn how to add facings to a V neckline and slit cuffs, add inseam pockets to your tunic and learn how to get that smooth neckline.

Do you want to make a subtle change to the look of your tunic? Nicki will show you how choosing the right color and decorative stitch will make all the difference and give it that professional detail.

By the end of this class you will be able to use the flat sleeve insertion technique to set the sleeves, add in-seam pockets and finish the project off with the class tunic side-seam slit.

From pattern cutting and marking to simple pattern alterations and everything in between, this class provides a start-to-finish guide to stitching a tunic you’ll want to wear everywhere.

Nicki LaFoille

Nicki LaFoille is a mom of one human and two dogs, who travels with her small family around the country, finding creative inspiration for her sewing and writing. Her novel, Nautical Miles, is available in paperback and for the Kindle. Find out more about Nicki at

Nicki LaFoille

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