Sewing a Perfect Fitted Skirt

Andrew Krzynowek
Sewing a Perfect Fitted Skirt
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Most folks don't know how to properly measure themselves, so I will go into detail about how to get your measurements just perfect. Also, in the calculations we will use to draft our own skirt pattern, you must calculate ease! We will talk about what this is, and how much of it to add into our calcs.

I will start with a set of measurements, results of the calculations we did, and show step-by-step with colored markers how to draw your pattern on paper, and edit it for the different silhouettes.

Tips for tracing the darts onto the fabric, then how to fold, then how to stitch them up & press them.

This is a lapped zipper that you can install in any seam. We use interfacing to sturdy-up the fabric for the zipper to be installed, and seam-tape to stick in on there to prevent basting!

We'll talk about how to cut the facing, although ours will already be cut and the darts sewn. We'll stitch it together at the side, then pin it to the skirt, and stitch it all the way around. We'll press the facing away from the skirt, then topstitch it!

We'll reference our calculation, and talk about why this pattern has to be different from the one for the faced waistline. I'll have a pre-cut waistband, and will show step-by-step how to attach it to your skirt with the zipper already installed.

Wanna get fancy? In this session, I will show how to use your pre-made Skirt Back pattern to cut 2 back pieces to make a seam up the back. We will install an EXPOSED zipper in the back, as well as make a slit!

Sewing the very last finishing touch! It is the easiest part! Fold up 1/2", then 1/2" again.

8 Lessons
1  hrs 42  mins

Sewing a Perfect Fitted Skirt class will teach you all the steps you need to make a skirt in multiple silhouettes and fit it PERFECTLY to your body!

In this class, Aurora Sisneros will show you how to properly measure yourself, as this is the KEY to a great fit! Once we have our measurements, we can build a pattern that can be used over and over again based on very simple formulas with our measurements plugged in.

This pattern not only encompasses waist, hips, and desired length, but takes into account that women have curves!

Learn to create and sew darts on both the front and the back for the perfect fit. Finally, you can add a waistband to your skirt, or add a facing for a simple, unburdened look.

No matter what choices you make, be it A-Line, pencil, side-zip, exposed zipper, overlapped waistband, or a slit up the back, this class will give you all the skills to pick any combination you want, and get a perfect fit every time!

Andrew Krzynowek


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