ZJ Humbach

Working with Pre-Quilted Fabric

ZJ Humbach
Working with Pre-Quilted Fabric
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In this session you will get a brief overview of everything you will learn in the class along with the evolution of pre-quilted fabric over the years. ZJ will make sure you know how to handle pre-quilted fabrics with ease and finish them with binding to make beautiful, professional projects.

What Can I Do with Pre-Quilted Fabric introduces you to this fun fabric. You’ll learn what pre-quilted fabric is and see a variety of practical examples for how to use it. While you can buy it from a variety of sources, your instructor, ZJ Humbach, will show you in detail how to make your own using your own fabric choices. ZJ makes sure you know the best ways to prepare your fabric and offers several suggestions for quilting it to give it your own personal touch.

Straight-Grain Binding is a vital component for finishing many projects made with pre-quilted fabric. ZJ takes you through the process from start to finish. You’ll learn how to measure your project so you know how much straight grain binding to prepare, and then learn an easy way to make it. This video teaches you when it’s appropriate to use this type of binding, and more importantly, when not to use it.

Continuous Bias Binding is an advanced type of binding that can be time consuming to make. ZJ breaks the process into manageable steps with clear explanations and shows you a fast, easy method for making yards of bias binding in a fraction of the time. You’ll also learn when to use this type of binding to ensure a professional finish for your projects.

Placemat Project shows you how to make a simple placemat with pre-quilted fabric and straight-grain binding in a jiffy. Don’t skip this segment just because you think the project is easy. ZJ teaches you how to work with straight-grain binding, including how to miter corners and join the ends with a slick diagonal finish. By the end of this segment, you’ll be binding like a pro!

Christmas Tree Skirt Project is designed to get your creative juices flowing. This project is absolutely perfect for pre-quilted fabric, and depending on your fabric choice, can become a canvas to showcase machine or hand embroidery, applique, beading, or other embellishments. ZJ shows you how easy it is to make an octagonal Christmas tree skirt without a pattern, and then walks you through how to finish it with continuous bias binding.

Dog Jacket Project will have you mastering binding inside and outside curves with continuous bias binding in no time. First, ZJ walks you through how to draft a pattern for a simple dog jacket and shows you how time saving pre-quilted fabric can be. Then, she discusses important things to keep in mind when using continuous bias binding to finish this cute project. You and your favorite furry friend will love the results!

Bonus Project: Quilted Shopping Bag is jam-packed with information. If you love Vera Bradley bags, then this is the project for you! Pre-quilted fabric, straight-grain binding, French seams, and webbing all come together to make this eye-catching carryall bag. Once you make one, you’ll see how easy it is to modify this bag into any size you want and will have fun personalizing each with different pre-quilted fabric and colors of binding and webbing.

8 Lessons
1  hrs 59  mins

One of the latest trends in the fabric world is pre-quilted fabric. Unlike the simple versions from the 1950’s that were often stamped with embroidery stencils for baby quilts, today’s pre-quilted fabrics are found in a variety of designs and colors and offer sewing possibilities limited only by your imagination.

In this class ZJ Humbach will introduce you to this fun fabric, provide tips and tricks for success, and get you started with multiple fun and easy projects.

Take your time and master each session before moving onto the next or come back and review individual sessions as needed.

By the end of the class, you’ll feel comfortable working with pre-quilted fabric and confident in your newfound binding skills to make the bonus project that’s included.

ZJ Humbach

ZJ Humbach is a professional longarm quilter and pattern designer who owns and operates Dream Stitcher Quilt Studio in Nederland, Colorado. Her work appears in McCall’s Quilting, Quilters Newsletter, and Quiltmaker magazines. A former Quilters Newsletter editor, she wrote a longarm quilting column, “Finish Line,” for each issue. Now ZJ is a freelance writer for Quilters Newsletter and the Studio Arts Quilt Associates (SAQA) Journal. She also quilts regularly for Connecting Threads. ZJ has enjoyed machine sewing since age 12. She has a strong educational background in clothing construction, tailoring, and interior design plus a Master of Arts Teaching degree with an emphasis on curriculum development and adult education.

ZJ Humbach

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