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We offer content across a broad range of interests. Your patrons can take classes in over 20 different creative disciplines, with new classes added all the time.

Build a Community with Creativity

“A community united by the ideals of compassion and creativity has incredible power. Art of all kinds – music, literature, traditional arts, visual arts – can lift a community”

- Martin O’Malley -


With Craft & Hobby, your patrons have unlimited access to all of our instructional content, so they can take as many classes as they want, all for one annual fee.


Because our platform is web-based, your patrons can access online learning through Craft & Hobby from any internet connected device.


The best instructors and leading experts in their craft genre have been carefully selected to produce top-quality classes and step by step tutorials.

We serve all ages and abilities!

There is something for everyone, at every age, from beginners to advanced crafters!

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