Nicki LaFoille

Adding a Scoop Pocket

Nicki LaFoille
Duration:   19  mins

Pockets are the perfect addition to any garment, especially something like a pair of pants. Nicki LaFoille shows you step by step how to make and add a scoop pocket to a pair of pants.

Scoop Pocket: Pattern Pieces and Assembly

Nicki begins by explaining what a scoop pocket is and where it is generally found in terms of garments. She then shows how easy it can be to draft a pattern. You may want to draft a pattern because your garment either doesn’t have pockets and you want to add them, or the pocket pattern provided is a different style and you want to change it to a scoop pocket.

Nicki shows how you can use your hand on the pattern paper to ensure that the scoop pocket pattern piece is going to be large enough to fit your hand and/or carry desired items. She then shows how to easily draw in the upper and lower curved lines of the pocket pattern piece.

Nicki explains that there are two different ways to finish the upper edge of the pocket, either by hemming it or binding it and then the upper line can be changed depending on the finishing method. Once the needed pattern pieces have been drafted, Nicki shows how to cut out the fabric and begin sewing the pocket.

She gives tips while sewing, including how to slow down and make small adjustments when going around the curves. Nicki then finishes by showing how the stitched scoop pocket pieces fit onto the pants or shorts you are adding the pocket too.