Ballet Body Strength

Jennifer Galardi
Duration:   13  mins

This workout focuses on developing strong, lean muscles without the bulk. Light hand weights are optional, but you’ll see results with or without the extra challenge. No dance training is necessary for this ballet workout at home, which will tone and strengthen your entire body using the graceful yet controlled movements of ballet. Jennifer will provide plenty of instruction and modification when needed, helping you get the most out of this ballet workout at home, no matter your fitness level.

You’ll start by expanding upon the plié series you practiced during the warm-up. You’ll start to feel it in your inner thighs as you do more and more pliés, which will work your entire lower body. You’ll next move onto a plié and relevé series; the controlled strengthening movements will sculpt long and lean muscles, giving you that coveted dancer’s body! After plies and relevés, you’ll move on to grand plies. Throughout each of the movements in this ballet workout at home, Jennifer will also encourage you to engage your abdominals, ensuring all your control comes from your core. These pliés will work your calves, thighs, legs, glutes, and core all at once!

Next up in this ballet workout at home, you’ll move to an ab series with forward scoops that have you contract and stretch your back and spine, engaging your abdominals the whole time. After that, you’ll stretch side to side with controlled movements designed to engage your oblique muscles. These are a fabulous alternative for everyday crunches as they engage different muscles and you can do them standing! Afterward, you’ll move on to port de bras, which incorporate your arms in sweeping movements as you engage through your core.

Continue your upper body work by picking up your hand weights to strengthen the chest, biceps, and triceps. Using slower, controlled movements, you’ll sculpt sexy arms and shoulders with these exercises. Enjoy the graceful movements of dance in this and other ballet workouts as you stretch and strengthen your muscles, achieving the long and lean body we all want.

All exercises you perform are your own responsibility and you perform them at your own risk. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider before starting any physical exercise, fitness or wellness regiments of any kind.

Level: All levels
Equipment: Body weight
Instructor: Jennifer Galardi