Ballroom Basics: Jive Dancing

Allison Holker
Duration:   19  mins

Get up on your feet and get ready to try some ballroom Jive dancing with Allison Holker. Known for her appearance on So You Think You Can Dance, Allison is an amazing dancer and teacher. This Jive Dancing class is super high energy and super cool to do! Truly one of the most fun dance styles around!

Whether you are a dancer at heart or just a beginner, Allison breaks it down to help you learn. Her fabulous smile and kind demeanor make it fun to learn even if you are new to ballroom dance. Dancing is one of the most fun, energizing ways to get your workout in without even feeling like it is a workout. Jive is a true cardio blast and you are going to torch the calories on this one! Trust us! Your heart rate is going up, but you are too busy having fun and learning new things to notice until you’re done!

Jive Dancing is one of the most energy-focused dance workouts around. High energy, high knees and high legs are required! Allison is great at teaching you each Jive move in slow motion but once the music starts, look out! It’s non-stop energy plus!

Triple steps and kicking, Allison reminds you to keep your feet tight and your knees high while tightening your core the entire time. And don’t forget to breathe. This workout is going to kick your butt, but in the most fun way possible. Whether you do it on your own with Allison and Kaylen as your partners, or bring a few friends and throw a dance party in your living room it’s going to be a blast. So get loose, kick high and have fun with Jive Dancing 1!

Level: All Levels
Equipment: Body weight
Instructor: Allison Holker