Ballroom Basics: Salsa Dancing 1

Allison Holker
Duration:   24  mins

Get up off your feet and get ready to try some ballroom salsa dancing with Allison Holker. Known for her appearance on So You Think You Can Dance, Allison is an amazing dancer and teacher. This Salsa Dancing 1 is full of spicy salsa choreography.

Whether you are a dancer at heart or just a beginner, Allison breaks it down to help you learn. Her fabulous smile and kind demeanor make it fun to learn even if you are new to ballroom dance. What we love about these ballroom dancing videos is your chance to free yourself from the worry of what others might think and just let loose! Dancing at home gives you a chance to move your hips and have fun! You can do it alone and laugh at yourself or get together with a partner or friends and learn to dance together!

Allison makes this all simple and easy to learn. Her assistants Kaylen and Gustavo show you it looks different on everyone! Taking one step at a time, Allison shows you the simplicity of each step and then continues to build the steps on top of one another until you are dancing! Toe taps, lock steps, around the world and the body roll – get ready to know the lingo and the steps of salsa dancing.

The beauty of this video is you learn to dance and get a great workout all at the same time. Just when you begin to get hold of the dance steps you notice you are sweating. It sneaks up on you! As Allison will remind you, the most important thing is to have fun! You WILL when you try our Salsa Dancing 1.

Level: All Levels
Equipment: Bodyweight
Instructor: Allison Holker