Nicki LaFoille

Bow Scrunchies

Nicki LaFoille
Duration:   23  mins


These handmade bow scrunchies are an easy project that can be made quickly with just a small amount of fabric and elastic.

Nicki LaFoille discusses some of the different kinds of fabric you can use for your scrunchie. Your fabric choice may depend on how stiff or relaxed you want your scrunchie to be as well as how much you want the fabric to gather. She also talks about how much material you will need and how you can easily adjust the size of the rectangle to change the look of your scrunchie.

The next supply that Nicki talks about is elastic, as it is an important component of the scrunchie. Nicki explains what kind of elastic she prefers to use and talks about the length of elastic needed to make a scrunchie. The last component Nicki talks about is the optional bow that can be added to the scrunchie.

Scrunchie Bow Pattern


Once she has gone over the supplies, Nicki demonstrates step-by-step how to construct your scrunchie. Fold under one short end of the rectangle and stitch the long edges together to create the tube of fabric for the scrunchie. She also shares a great tip for how to quickly and easily turn fabric tubes right side out using a length of yarn. She then shows how to insert the elastic, secure the ends and finish and join the ends of the fabric tube. Finally, Nicki shows how to sew and add the optional bow to make an adorable handmade scrunchie.