Build a Catapult with Your Kids

Char Miller-King
Duration:   4  mins

People are often looking for projects to do with their kids that’ll help get their kids excited about woodworking. This project may be just that thing that’ll help launch the kids in your life into the shop!

This catapult is a very easy build, and is made from readily available dimensional lumber (and a few rubber bands). Be sure to download the plan, which provides you with all the dimensions and details for the catapult.

What can the kids do?

As you’re planning the Build a Catapult project, think about what aspects the kids can do. Lots of the work can be done with hand tools, or you can use a miter saw, bandsaw and drill press. If you’re not sure how to decide which operations the kids should or shouldn’t do, be sure to have a listen to Chris Lyons’s advice on woodworking with kids. It’s very helpful.


You can pick up dimensional pine and dowels from a home center. We’ve learned that heavy duty rubber bands are best (they take the abuse well), so stop at an office supply store on your way home. And the grocery store, for ammunition.

Download the Catapult Plan