Ashley Hough

Create a Fun Coffee Cup Cozy Using Pintucks

Ashley Hough
Duration:   21  mins

A coffee cup cozy is not only a great quick and easy weekend project, but it’s also a small project on which you can practice a new technique. Ashley Hough shows you how to make a coffee cup cozy decorated with pintucks.


For this project, it is helpful to know the size of your cup for which you are making the cozy. Ashley demonstrates how to use a flexible ruler to measure how long and wide the cozy will be. If you are making the coffee cup cozy as a gift, the size made in this tutorial should fit a standard size coffee cup. Once you have your measurements determined you will know how much fabric will be needed.

Ashley shows what size strips of fabric are used to make different sized pintucks and explains how to determine the number needed. Ashley uses two different colors of cotton fabric in this video, though you can use just one if you like.


When it comes to making pintucks, most of the work involved is proper pressing. Ashley shows how to stitch the strips of fabric together, alternating colors if you are using two, and explains with which colors you need to start and stop. From there she demonstrates how to fold and press the fabric to begin creating the tucks. Once the stitched fabric has been pressed, rows of stitching are added along the edges to hold the pressing in place.

Ashley then shows how to fold back and secure small sections of fabric to create the pintuck. After all of the pintucks have been made the remainder of the coffee cup cozy can be constructed. Ashley shows how to finish the cozy and add an elastic loop and button closure.

Once you’ve mastered pintucks on a fun, small project like a coffee cup cozy you can be ready to add the technique to any garment or home decor sewing project in the future.