Stacy Grissom

Create an Easy Baby Blanket

Stacy Grissom
Duration:   22  mins

Blankets are great quick and easy projects to make when looking for sewing projects for baby gifts. While you may already have enough larger blankets for them to use, making a smaller one that they can carry around and snuggle with is a great idea to sew for babies. Stacy Grissom shows you how to make a small baby blanket with a fun technique she calls self mitering corners.

Supplies and Construction

Since this baby blanket, sometimes referred to as a ‘Lovie’, is much smaller than a crib sized baby blanket you don’t need much fabric. You only two two pieces, one large square and one slightly smaller. Stacy shares what sizes of squares she has cut for her blanket, though you can change up the size as desired.

Stacy demonstrates how to prepare the squares for being stitched by folding them in half in each direction and marking the centers. Once the centers have been marked on each square she shows how to align the marks with the fabrics right sides together and pin them in place. She explains how you can work on two sides at one time by working on the sides opposite of each other. Stacy shows how to pin and stitch all four sides, leaving a small opening in one side to turn the blanket right side out.

She then demonstrates how to create the look of the mitered corners on the blanket by marking, stitching and cutting off the corners. She explains which direction this step needs to be done in in order to ensure that the mitered corners turn out correctly. Stacy even shows an example of what it can look like if the corners are done backwards. Once the corner have been stitched, the blanket can be turned right side out, pressed and the opening stitched closed.