Nicki LaFoille

Draft A Tank Top Pattern

Nicki LaFoille
Duration:   41  mins

Learning how to make a pattern from a shirt that you already like the fit of is a great way to get a pattern that you know will be the right size. Nicki LaFoille shows you how to draft a tank top pattern by tracing a tank top onto pattern paper.

Make a Pattern

Nicki begins by showing how to use a tracing wheel with tracing paper to transfer the shirt shape onto the pattern paper. She shows how to align the shirt center with the edge of the paper, or a straight line, to get a center front and back fold line. She then shows how to complete the pattern by adding in seam allowances and truing the curves of the front and back neckline, as well as sharing other tips for drafting patterns. Once the tank top pattern is complete, she shows how to cut out the pieces.

Make a Shirt

Nicki is constructing this tank top pattern from knit fabric, as she recommends doing, so she gives several tips on how to work with, cut out and sew knit fabric. One of the main tips she shows is how to stabilize all of the seam lines with a product called a knit stay tape. She applies this to all edges of the fabric prior to stitching the seam. She explains what product she likes using and where you can get it. She then shows the order in which she likes to stitch the seams of the tank top, as there are not very many — only shoulder seams and side seams. Nicki then shows how to finish the curved edges of the neck and armscye opening using strips of fabric to create a binding. She shows how to do this technique step-by-step, then explains how to add a hem to the lower edge.