ZJ Humbach

How Sewers Can Use Fat Quarters

ZJ Humbach
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While fat quarters of fabric are commonly used when quilting, they can be new to you if you are someone who generally sews garments or home decor projects. ZJ Humbach explains what fat quarters of fabric are, including their size and fabric types, and then shares some fun things to make with fat quarters.

What are Fat Quarters?

ZJ begins by explaining what a fat quarter is in terms of size. A quarter yard of fabric is 9” x the width of the fabric, which, with most bolts of 100% cotton fabric, is 40” to 42”. Rather than being a long, fairly thin strip of fabric, a fat quarter takes the width of the fabric measurement, cuts it in half and adds it to the original 9” of fabric, making a rectangle that is roughly 18” x 21”.

Types of Fabrics that come in Fat Quarters

Once she explains the size of a fat quarter, ZJ talks about some of the different types of fabric that come in fat quarters. While the majority of fat quarters are quilters’ cotton, or 100% cotton, you can find fat quarters in flannel, homespun and other fabrics as well.

Buying Fat Quarters

When buying fat quarters of fabric, you can buy them individually or in a bundle, which is generally a coordinating group of fabrics or fabrics from the same collection line. Fat quarter bundles can contain anywhere from 20 to 40 different colors and prints of fabric, depending on the manufacturer.

Sewing Projects with Fat Quarters

ZJ then shares some fun things to make with fat quarters. If you are making garments, fat quarters can be used for accent pieces like collars, cuffs, and pockets. Other easy projects to make with fat quarters of fabric are pillows, pillowcases, or other small home decor or accessory projects.