Jenny McCoy

How to Bake a Bread Wreath & Chocolate Babka

Jenny McCoy
Duration:   16  mins

In this lesson, Jenny McCoy introduces you to a classic Jewish bread called Challah that is soft, golden brown and slightly sweet. It is known for its ability to create gorgeous braided centerpieces and makes wonderful gifts for family and friends. Join Jenny as she shows you how to create two stunning breads from one batch of dough.

First, Jenny demonstrates a three-strand braid that is shaped into a round wreath. Jenny walks you through how to evenly portion the dough and shape it into a smooth, tight braid. Included are tips on connecting the braid together and how to hide any seams on the final loaf.

Wrap up this class with a twist on a delicious pull-apart dessert bread, Chocolate Babka. Jenny adds coconut to the decadent chocolate filling before rolling it up and encourages you to play with different flavors to make it your own. Watch and learn as she rolls, cuts, and twists the dough into a stunning spiral shape that exposes all the beautiful layers as it bakes. Don’t worry, these shapes are easier to make than they look, and with Jenny’s step-by-step guidance, you’ll be braiding bread like a pro in no time.

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