Rachael Teufel

How to Fill & Secure a Piping Bag

Rachael Teufel
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Duration:   4  mins

Filling a piping bag seems easy until you realize your buttercream has gotten everywhere … except inside your piping bag. Don’t miss cake designer Rachael Teufel’s tips and tricks on how to fill up a piping bag and secure it without all the hassle or mess. In this short video, Rachael demonstrates a two-handed technique as well as an easy cup method. Included are tips on how high to fill your piping bags and how to keep a clean top.

Once you have your icing in the bag, Rachael shows you two simple ways to secure it and keep it there when you start piping. Check out Rachael’s videos on How to Use a Coupler & Piping Tips and Piping Basic Borders for more beginner cake decorating tutorials.