Ashley Hough

How to Make a Dog Bed

Ashley Hough
Duration:   14  mins

Learn how to make a dog bed that is quick and easy using a pillow form and stuffing.


The dog bed in this video is made using a 16” square pillow form, but the size of the bed can be easily changed. Square pillow forms come in a variety of sizes with the most common ranging from 12” up to 22”. If you want to make a dog bed that is even larger, you can always use foam and cut it to any size you would like.

Fabric Choice

While you want to learn how to make a dog bed that is both comfortable and stylish for your pet, you also want it to hold up over time. The dog bed in this video is made from flannel and cotton. If you have a pet that you know can be tough on things, or is just a larger pet in general, you may want to consider using a sturdier fabric like a duck cloth or even upholstery fabric.


If you are having a hard time finding the right size pillow form for the size of dog bed you want to make, consider using stuffing instead. If you are stuffing a pillow rather than using a pillow form, you may want to add some velcro or other method of closure along the pillow back opening, as the stuffing could fall out.

Holding it all Together

Velcro is a quick way to hold together the parts of the dog bed. It is also an easy way to hold everything together if learning how to make a dog bed is one of your first sewing projects. Velcro comes in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes and strengths — making it easy to pick one that goes with your dog bed. Typically, it comes in either stick-on or sew-on versions. Either will work for this project; however, if you are worried that your pet might chew on the bed, sewing the velcro in place will make it more secure. Decide which type you want to use prior to attaching it to your project. You don’t want to add stitching to stick-on velcro as sewing through the adhesive may gum up your needle.