Stacy Grissom

How to Make a Fabric Towel Dispenser Roll

Stacy Grissom
Duration:   16  mins

Learn how to make a fabric towel dispenser for reusable fabric ‘paper’ towels. Stacy Grissom shows you how to make this fun home decor sewing project from start to finish and gives you great tips along the way.


For her fabric towel dispenser, Stacy uses a cotton fabric with a fun print for the front of the towel and a terry cloth for the back. Both fabrics are fairly absorbent and work great for fabric towels. Stacy explains how many yards of fabric are needed to make several rolls of towels and shares what size of fabric to cut depending on if you want half or full sheet towels.

To be able to place the towels on a fabric towel dispenser, Stacy uses plastic snaps in the corners of the towels.


To make the cutting and constructing of the towels quicker and easier, Stacy uses templates. She explains how she cuts a template from the cotton fabric for the towels and uses it to cut the rest. Stacy explains the best way to cut out the rectangles in order to get the maximum number of towels from the fabric.

Once the rectangles have been cut Stacy shows how to sew the cotton and terry cloth together to make the towel. After all of the towels have been sewn, she then explains how to attach the snaps. She adds the snaps to the towels in a way that allows them to be rolled onto a fabric towel dispenser that looks just like a roll of paper towels. Stacy explains where to position the snaps and shows how to make the process quicker by using a small cardboard template to show where to put the snaps.


Stacy explains how to attach the fabric towels to a roll but also shares how the towels can be made and kept in a basket as well.