Stacy Grissom

How to Make a Superhero Cape

Stacy Grissom
Duration:   21  mins

Whether it’s for dress-up time or a Halloween costume, this cape can be made fairly quickly with just a few supplies. Stacy Grissom shows how to make a superhero cape using a small amount of fabric, bias tape and Velcro.

Fabric Color and Amount

The cape in this video was made from a plain color fabric, but when it comes to kid’s capes, the color options are limitless. Whether they want their favorite color or their favorite superhero, the cape can be made to suit anyone. The cape can also be made in various sizes. Stacy shows how to make a superhero cape that is 22” x 25”, but it can easily be sized up or down. Simply adjust the size of the rectangle for the body of the cape and follow the same instructions.

Bias Tape

If this cape is being made as a last-minute Halloween costume, buying pre-made bias tape can save time. However, bias tape can also be made out of the same fabric used to make the cape. Making your own bias tape will allow you the option of matching with or contrasting to the main body of the cape.


When it comes to securing the cape on your little one, Stacy shows how to make a superhero cape secured with Velcro rather than a knot. Velcro comes in many sizes, shapes and colors. Consider buying a color of Velcro the same as the bias tape used as the tie, so it blends in. Also, if you can’t find the small pre-cut circles of Velcro, you can buy strips of Velcro and cut them to size. Velcro also comes in both sew-on and stick-on versions. Since it is being used on a kid’s item, using the sew-on version will help it last longer. You may not want to stitch over a stick-on piece of Velcro, as the adhesive could gum up your needle.


Sewing something for your child for dress-up or Halloween can be as fun for them as it is for you. Include them by letting them help pick out fabric and colors.