Heather Thomas

How to Make Accurate Cuts

Heather Thomas
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Duration:   5  mins

When it comes to cutting fabric for quilting, one of the most important things to have is consistently straight lines. Heather Thomas show you how to achieve this whether you measure your fabric using ruler gridlines or cutting mat gridlines.


With so many different brands, types and styles of quilting rulers and mats available on the market today it can be difficult to know what is the most accurate to use. Heather shows a variety of different rulers and mats and explains how no matter which one you choose the most important thing to ensure is that you are cutting straight lines. She then cuts a strip measured at two inches based on the mat gridlines and one cut at the same width based on the ruler gridlines to compare the two. Both come out at the same width, which shows that it is not necessarily important to use one set of gridlines over another. Heather explains that it is more important to use what is comfortable for you and what gives you consistent results.


One thing that can help you achieve consistent results when using quilting rulers and other quilting ruler accessories, is accurate technique. Heather demonstrates the proper hand position to use when holding a quilting ruler, which is with a cupped hand rather than a flat hand. Using a flat hand has a higher tendency for the ruler to slip leading to an inaccurate cut. When using a cupped hand you can also move your fingers more and use your pinky finger to help hold the ruler in place. Heather demonstrates how to do this. Using this proper cutting technique is not only a good way to achieve consistently accurate cuts it is also a safer way to use a quilting ruler and rotary cutter.