Craftsy Editors

How to Paint Different Types of Clouds

Craftsy Editors
Duration:   36  mins

Go cloud-gazing with artist and instructor Kathleen Moore and learn about all different types of clouds, watching the way their appearance varies from the horizon to the heavens. After showing you how to identify between different types of clouds, Kathleen shows you the tried-and-true materials she employs for creating beautiful clouds in oil paint, including a thorough description of exactly which brushes and paint colors she uses.

Now that you have an understanding of clouds an your materials, get ready to paint! Follow along with Kathleen as she demonstrates how to paint fluffy cumulous clouds and wispy cirrus clouds. Use a transparent glaze to portray cloud shadows on the ground and add a hint of ground color to the underside of your clouds. Kathleen with show you, step-by-step, how to give your clouds realistic form by adding dimension and shadows into the clouds, giving you an opportunity to practice mixing and applying different color temperatures as you infuse your clouds with warm, cool and neutral tones.

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