How to Sew Simple Side Seam Pockets

Beth Bradley
Duration:   14  mins

Whether a pattern calls for one or none, a side seam pocket can be an easy addition to almost any pattern and Beth Bradley shows you how! First Beth begins with what a side seam pocket is and what makes it an easy addition. Next, Beth moves on to how you go about adding the pocket to your pattern if it isn’t already there, and talks about the different pattern types that aren’t able to accommodate side seam pockets, like a skirt with a side zipper. Beth then talks about the different types of fabrics that can be used to make the pocket, from fabric matching the rest of the garment to a lining fabric. Finally, it’s in to how to draft the pattern and even customize it for your hand size. Beth then shows the finishing touches of how to sew the pockets into the side seams with ease.