Ashley Hough

Ideas for Sewing Bookmarks from Scrap Fabric

Ashley Hough
Duration:   16  mins

Sewing bookmarks can be a great quick and easy gift idea to give either with a book or by itself. See how to make two different styles of bookmarks using felt and cotton fabric. Ashley Hough shows you how.

Supplies and Construction

Sewing bookmarks doesn’t require a lot of fabric and is a fun idea for projects using scrap fabric. For both bookmark styles you will only need a small amount of felt, a small amount of cotton fabric in either a coordinating or contrasting color and paper to make a template.

Ashley begins with the small heart bookmark that simply slides onto the corner of a book page. She shows how she created a template for the heart using a sticky note and then cuts out two heart pieces. The heart pieces are then stitched together along the lower edge to complete the bookmark. Ashley shows how you can add cotton fabric in fun prints to the front of the bookmark for another look.

Ashley then shows how to make a second bookmark which has a fun play on reverse appliqué down the front of it. She begins by explaining what size to cut both the felt and cotton pieces of fabric and then how to design and draw your own template. Next she shows how to sandwich the layers of fabric together and stitch the perimeter to hold everything together.

Depending on the word or design you chose to add to the front of your bookmark you will most likely need to stitch around the perimeter of it as well. Ashley shows how to do that several ways including using a straight stitch and a blanket stitch. Sewing bookmarks is also a fun opportunity to try out some of the decorative stitches on your machine and add more design and detail to your bookmark.