Ashley Hough

Joining Lace Ends

Ashley Hough
Duration:   9  mins

While sewing lace fabric isn’t necessarily hard in terms of working with the fabric, it can be difficult to get the end result of a project to look professional. This is due to how open the fabric is and how hard it can be to hide seam allowances. Hiding seam allowances isn’t necessarily required. However, it will make your projects or garments look more professional. Ashley Hough shows you how to seamlessly join the ends of lace fabric.

Sewing Lace

When joining the ends of lace fabric using the method that Ashley shows, you will need a hand sewing needle and thread. You can do the same technique using a sewing machine, but it’s harder to make the stitching invisible.

Ashley begins by showing how to find the repeat in the lace fabric. This is an important step when sewing lace because you want one end of the lace to align perfectly with the other so that the seam is invisible. Ashley explains that when doing this technique, you may need to buy extra fabric, especially if the repeat in the fabric you are using is spaced widely apart.

She then shows how to overlap and align the fabric and pin it in place if necessary.

Next, Ashley demonstrates how to trim away the excess lace fabric from what will be the seam allowance, following along the design of the lace. Once you have the top layer of fabric trimmed you can begin sewing the layers together.

Ashley shows how to use a simple hand sewing stitch to join the fabric ends. Once the seam has been stitched, Ashley shows how to trim away the fabric from the underside of the seam allowance.