Nicki LaFoille

Knit Binding Tips

Nicki LaFoille
Duration:   30  mins

Adding a knit binding to your garment is a great way to finish the edge of a knit fabric around armscye openings and necklines. Nicki LaFoille shows you step-by-step how to cut and make a binding strip and then how to add it to a garment.

Knit Binding

Nicki begins by talking about what binding strips are and how they should be cut. She talks about other common bias binding that you might be familiar with and how it is made and explains why knit binding needs to be made slightly differently in order to ensure that it will not only hold up well while you are sewing it onto your garment but will hold up well over the life of the garment.

With knit binding needing to be cut on the straight of grain, Nicki explains several ways that you can find and cut along that straight of grain to get your binding strips. Depending on where you are adding your knit binding strip to, you may need to cut multiple strips and sew them together to make one long strip.

Nicki then shows several examples of where the knit binding can be used on a shirt, including along the lower edge of a t-shirt as a way to hem the bottom, and along the armscye openings and neckline of a tank top. If you are needing to bind the edge of something like the upper edge of a skirt and want additional stretch, using fold over elastic binding can be a fun alternative.

Nicki then shows how to sew the knit binding to the neckline opening of a shirt. She explains how to measure and know what length of strip to cut and how to stabilize the fabric before sewing, if needed, using a knit stay tape. She then shows how to sew the knit binding in place, explaining what stitch and machine settings to use.