Knitting Scottish Style

Jill Wright
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Duration:   2  mins

When it comes to knitting mechanics, there are a few different ways that knitters will hold the yarn and needles to make their stitches. Every knitter finds a style that works for them. In this video, Jill Wright breaks down how to knit using the Scottish method of knitting. She demonstrates how to tension the yarn, as well as how to work the knit stitch.

To knit in the Scottish style, a long pair of straight knitting needles is used. Jill recommends 14-inch straight needles. The right needle is placed under the right arm. Holding the needle this way provides stability to the needle, which can result in faster knitting. The yarn is tensioned in the right hand, like the English (or throwing) method, and the knit stitches are created in the same way by “throwing” the yarn around the needle.

Jill finds this method of knitting much more fluid than other styles. She keeps the stitches near the tips of the needles as she works across the row to build up speed and create the stitches quickly.