LIFT - Low Impact Lower Body Workout

Jodi Sussner
Duration:   36  mins

Join us for this high-intensity low impact lower body workout where you’ll burn calories while sculpting and defining your muscles. This low impact lower body workout will get your heart pumping while torching calories with both lower body strength moves to sculpt and tone your butt and thighs as well and low impact cardio for calorie and fat burn galore! Jodi Sussner takes you through this low impact functional training that is all about keeping impact low, but intensity high!

Low impact doesn’t mean you don’t work hard! Low impact is simply a way to move that is more kind to your bones and joints, eliminating jumping and pounding. You’ll still be working at a high intensity while burning tons of calories and strengthening your muscles. If you need a little less intensity, Chris Freytag is part of the video to help provide those options to you.

The format of this low impact lower body workout program is simple to follow. Using both body weight and medium-size dumbbells you will do one minute of a lower body strength move followed by one minute of a cardio exercise. Following a short warm-up you’ll go right into lunges and planks with one minute of cardio to follow. You’ll repeat the same thing again before heading into single leg squats to help you get a nice, high, tight booty! This workout is packed with great lower body moves like lunges, squats and glute bridges. The cardio is simple to follow but gives great results!

It’s hard to believe you can work this hard with just low impact moves, but you absolutely do! Sweat will be dripping and heart will be pounding with this low impact lower body workout. As a bonus you’ll get some great core strength moves to complete the whole picture! And if you love it, try our low impact Stability Ball Butt Workout .

Level: All Levels
Equipment: Medium to Heavy Dumbbells, Mat
Instructor: Jodi Susner