Macro Photography: Inspiration, Insight & Creativity - Course Preview

Layne Kennedy
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Duration:   1  mins

Come on along for exciting new adventures in the world of macro photography. You can do macro photography in your backyard, the woods, a garden, on the window sill, and in your kitchen.

In this series of videos, professional photographer Layne Kennedy will give you macro photography tips to help you make your close-up images magical. You will learn about macro lenses, lighting techniques, and filters. Layne will show you the importance of ISO, depth of field, and shutter speeds in capturing flowers, insects, fruit, and even old coins.

Get up close with pro shooter Layne Kennedy who will guide you through lessons in making memorable macro photographs. Only your imagination is the limit.


This video: Macro Photography: Inspiration, Insight & Creativity – Course Preview
Macro Photography Tips and Techniques
Basic Equipment for Shooting Macro Photography
Comparing a Telephoto vs. Macro Lens
Capturing Details of Nature Photography
Macro Photography: Shooting Insects and Bugs
Macro Photography Ideas for Your Next Shoot
Backlighting in Translucent Photography
Using Texture Photography to Capture a Unique Shot