Macro Photography Tips and Techniques

Layne Kennedy
Duration:   5  mins

Macro photography is fascinating. It can open up an enchanting world. In this video, professional photographer Layne Kennedy will give you macro photography tips to help you make your macro images memorable.

Layne shows you the difference between the 200mm and 105mm lenses and the critical factor of focal length ratios in approaching your subject matter. Depth of field is important because it shrinks when you get up close to your subject. “When shooting macro,” Layne says, “it’s really hard to achieve sharpness from the beginning of the frame to the end, no matter what the f- stop.”

Movement is also critical. If the wind sways the flower slightly, the result can be blurred petals. For image sharpness, you need to ramp up your ISO, decrease depth of field, or increase shutter speed. Layne recommends using a tripod to hold your camera steady as you hone in on your subject. You will learn that movement confuses autofocus and why manual focus is the best alternative.

You will also learn macro photography tips on composition. Layne points out that macro follows the same set of rules as in normal photography except you are closer to everything.


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