Jess Crow

Making an Ocean Resin Pour

Jess Crow
Duration:   20  mins

Resin art has risen dramatically in popularity, due in part by the beauty of the ocean resin pour. If you have recently spent any time on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or other social media platforms it is likely that you have seen images of an ocean resin pour, made famous by Alaskan artist and WWGOA contributor Jess Crow. The appearance of different colors of flowing water, sea foam, and other accents is truly spectacular.

Jess Crow made a visit to George’s shop to share with him some tips to help viewers to create their own ocean resin pour projects. Some of the many things that you will learn from Jess in this video include:

Mix resin first. It will be important to choose an appropriate resin for your ocean resin pour, and to use colorants that work well with your chosen resin. Translucency is important, and mixing in small batches with an approach to “sneak up” on the right color will ensure that you achieve your desired color and make efficient use of your materials.

Apply resin in waves. Pour one color at a time onto your wooden “canvas,” forming organic shapes as you proceed. Leave a gap near the edges so that you can work that later with intent.

Use your fingers. You’ll want to wear gloves for safety, as you will achieve the best results by dragging your fingers through the resin toward the edges. This will help you avoid having too much resin spilling over the edges of your pour.

Plan ahead as you work so that it goes smoothly when you pour resin over the edges of your ocean resin pour. With these basic skills and techniques in your arsenal, you’ll be able to take on a large variety of resin projects.