Ashley Hough

Mitering Any Degree Corner

Ashley Hough
Duration:   13  mins

A perfect mitered turn isn’t limited to only 90-degree angles. Ashley Hough shows you how to miter any angle.

Mitered Corners

Ashley begins by explaining that an easy mitered corner is generally done on a quilt, table runner, placemat, or other flat projects, and that these projects are usually squares or rectangles. Having a 90-degree angle makes mitering a corner with binding easy, however, Ashley shows that it can be easy with other angles as well.

She first begins by explaining how the binding tape is made, and how the width of it can be adjusted, depending on the size of the project being finished.

She then shows a small example project in a different shape that a binding needs to be added to. For this tutorial, she is using a Tumbling Blocks template, which she explains can help check that the binding is being folded at the correct angle because of the seams. She starts by showing how to start sewing the binding to the project, leaving a tail so that the ends can be joined when finished.

Ashley then shows how to stitch the binding in place and stop a measured distance away from the next edge.

After stopping, she shows how to take the project off the machine and fold the binding in a way that creates the miter at the turn no matter what the angle.

After she shows how to sew the binding to one side of the project, creating an easy mitered corner at the turn, she explains how to fold the binding over the raw edge and secure it to the other side of the project.