Rachael Teufel

Piping Flowers with Russian Tips

Rachael Teufel
Duration:   12  mins

Skip the time extensive process of making buttercream flowers petal by petal with all-in-one Russian Piping tips. Join cake designer, Rachael Teufel as she shows you how to create beautiful flowers with detailed centers and petals in a mater of moments.

Russian piping tips come in a variety of shapes and designs to help you create leaves, flowers and intricate patterns on your next cupcake or cake. They look best when using multiple colors and tones, head over to Rachael’s Free video on “Filling Multicolored Piping Bags” for all the details. Using a medium consistency American buttercream, Rachael demonstrates multiple styles of flowers on a flat surface as well as a cupcake.

She also shares her tips to creating the same flowers with a meringue-based buttercream. Included are pointers on proper pressure and movement; troubleshooting and fixing common mistakes; and how to open the petals up gently to create more fuller flowers. Pick up a handful of Russian tips and have some fun playing with the different styles and colors in the bag! With a little practice and patience, you will be piping gorgeous floral designs like a pro!

For more tips on piping single leaves to fill in the spaces between, check out Rachael’s premium video on “Piping Basic Borders.”