ZJ Humbach

Pressing Tools for Travel

ZJ Humbach
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Duration:   6  mins

Not all sewing and quilting is done at home in the sewing room. Whether you are someone who likes to take their sewing with them when they travel and vacation, or you frequent guild meetings, camps, and retreats, learn about several different tools that are great for pressing on the go.

Pressing on the Go

Pressing is an important step of any sewing or quilting project, and most times pressing should be happening after every seam you stitch. If you are someone who has taken their sewing project outside of the sewing room, ZJ Humbach shares several great options for pressing on the go.

Mini Iron

The first option she shares is a miniature iron. While there are several different mini irons on the market today, they are all relatively the same size, which will fit in the palm of your hand. These are great for traveling when you are not able to transport a large, full-size iron.

Clover Mini Iron

The next option ZJ shares is the clover mini iron. This iron differs from other mini irons in that it is a small ironing surface, about the size of a quarter, on a long handle. This iron is great when you only have a small area or corner of a project that needs to be pressed.

Wooden Press

The final pressing on the go solution ZJ shares is one that doesn’t require heat or electricity at all, rather it is a wooden press that can help flatten seams.

Pressing Mats

Once ZJ shares all of the pressing options she moves on to talk about different pressing mats that are good for travel. These are smaller, flexible, or foldable pressing mats that are much easier to transport than full-sized ironing boards.