Stacy Grissom

Quick Sewing Projects: How to Sew a Car Trash Bag

Stacy Grissom
Duration:   27  mins

Easily keep your car clean with a quick sewing project. Stacy Grissom shows you how to sew a bag with a sturdy bottom and a buckle strap that you can clip anywhere in your car and easily remove when it needs to be emptied.


One of the best things about quick sewing projects is that they don’t require complicated patterns. Stacy shows you how to start the project by simply tracing any circular object for the bottom of the bag and then determine the rest of your measurements based on the circumference of the circle.

Materials Needed

Just because it’s meant to hold trash doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. Stacy shows you how to sew a bag that is completely lined with a reinforced bottom. The bag made in this video has a bottom reinforced with a product known as Peltex. Peltex is a heavyweight stabilizer that comes in both sew-on or fusible varieties. It has no grain, which means it can be cut in any direction and won’t flatten or distort, making it great for this project. If you can’t find this specific product, another type of heavyweight stabilizer, interfacing or even a fusible fleece could be used instead.

Secure It

For this quick sewing project, Stacy shows you how to sew a bag with a buckle and some webbing. However, you can easily make other bag straps for your project as well. Depending on where you plan you keep your trash bag in your car, thicker or stiffer straps may suit your project well.

Make it Washable

Once you learn how to sew a bag following along with the video, you can easily make more in custom sizes and even fabrics. Cotton fabric is easily washable, but if you think you may be washing your bag often, consider making the lining from oilcloth or laminated cotton. This fabric can easily be wiped off and won’t absorb liquids like cotton will.