Heather Thomas

Quilted Fabric Gift Tags

Heather Thomas
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Duration:   6  mins

Fabric gift tags are a great way to use up small pieces of extra quilted projects. Heather Thomas shows you how to make this fun and easy project in just a few simple steps.

Fabric Gift Tags

For this project, Heather shows how she is using a small scrap trimmed from a quilted table runner. She explains how this is a good way to use up small pieces that might otherwise go unused. However, if you do not have any quilted scraps you can easily baste together and quilt a small quilt to be used for the fabric gift tags. Heather shows how to create the shape of the gift tag by simply using a rotary cutter to trim the top corners of a rectangle off at an angle. Once the shape has been created the edges can be finished. Heather shows several tags that have been finished with a zig zag stitch around the perimeter and also explains how to use edges and features in your quilt scrap to create an edge.

Next she shows how to add a small piece of fabric to the back side of the fabric gift tag so names can be written on it. She demonstrates how this can be simply fused in place rather than needing to be stitched. The last step in creating these fun fabric gift tags is to insert a grommet. Heather shows how to use a tool that makes inserting grommets quick and easy. She then strings ribbon through the grommet and the fabric gift tag is complete. Heather explains how this quick and easy project can be used as a tag on other quilted gifts but can also be the gift itself. She also gives ideas of other uses for the tag, including using it as a bookmark.