Heather Thomas

Quilting with Beads for Floral Appliqué

Heather Thomas
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Duration:   7  mins

Quilting with beads is a great way to add texture to your next art quilt project. Heather Thomas shows you how to create beaded stamens on three dimensional appliquéd flowers that can easily be added to your next project.

Beads and Thread

There are many different kinds of beads that can be used when quilting with beads. Heather shows two different types of beads she likes to use, seed beads and dangle beads, and explains why they are good to use for the look she is trying to create. Heather also talks about what kind of thread to use when quilting with beads. There is thread specific to beading that can be used, however Heather also gives an alternative that can be used if beading thread is not available. If you want to create the look of beads on your project but do not have any available, you can learn how to incorporate fabric beading into your work for another fun, creative look.

Beading Technique

After discussing the different types of beads and thread to use, Heather shows how to add the beads onto the surface of the fabric. She demonstrates a technique that makes the beads stand away from the fabric and the appliquéd flower, mimicking the look of a flower stamen. She also shows how to secure each strand of beads with a knot at the back and explains why it is important to tie several knots along the way to keep the beading secure. She also explains how the tighter you pull the thread the more the beaded stamens stand up, which is also why it is important to use a strong thread.