Corrina Ferguson

Rainbow Washcloth

Corrina Ferguson
Duration:   9  mins

Crochet dishcloth patterns are an easy way to learn new skills in the craft while making something useful for your home. Making an easy crocheted dishcloth takes a short amount of time and you can have a lot of fun while stitching it. In this video, crochet designer Corrina Ferguson shows you how to make a bright and cheery rainbow dishcloth that is fun and quick to make!

To make this dishcloth, only half double crochet stitches and chains are used. Because of the simple stitches involved in the project, it’s a great beginner crochet pattern and one to make for a last-minute gift. Make it in the colors of the rainbow or grab some colorful scraps of your favorite kitchen cotton and you’ll have it done in no time.

Corrina starts with a magic ring (or disappearing loop) at the center of the rainbow. She works the half double crochet stitches under both strands of yarn in this beginning loop so that it can be cinched up to close. Once the beginning rows are established, the rest of the dishcloth is made by working four increases in a row. These increases are created by simply working two half double crochets into one stitch. As the rainbow grows, the increases are spaced further and further apart to help maintain the half-circle shape. Corrina also explains how you can use the rainbow dishcloth pattern and make the rainbow larger. By continuing to space out the increases in each subsequent row, you can make a rainbow as large as you like.

Download the PDF pattern here.