Ashley Hough

Sew Your Own Travel Sewing Kit

Ashley Hough
Duration:   13  mins

Since traveling with a sewing machine isn’t always an option, learn how to sew a fun travel sewing kit from small scraps of felt. Ashley Hough shows you how to put it all together as well as personalize it with easy appliqué and labeled pages.


This travel sewing kit can be made from just a small amount of scrap felt. Ashley shows you what size of rectangle you will need to cut for the outer cover as well as for the pages. She then shows how to stitch the pages together and trim them in order to make all of the pages line up. Once you decide how many pages are going to be in your book you can decide what to put on each page. Ashley chose pins, needles, thread and buttons for her book, though you can personalize it depending on who it is being made for.


Since this travel sewing kit is made from solid color pieces of felt it makes for a great background for an appliqué design. You can plan your own design or add an initial as Ashley demonstrates. She shows how it can be stitched in place with a straight stitch, blanket stitch or satin stitch. You can use the same method you choose for the appliqué design on the front cover to secure the page labels. Ashley shows you how to sew your own page labels using small pieces of felt and the pre-programmed alphabet on the sewing machine.


Once your travel sewing kit is complete you can insert and add all of the tools to it. Ashley shows how she inserted both the pins and needles into her book as well as demonstrates how she added the thread by wrapping it around a button to keep it from tangling up.