Mary Beth Temple

Shell Stitch

Mary Beth Temple
Duration:   3  mins

Shell stitches are a popular type of stitch pattern that is used in many projects, such as crocheted baby blankets and crocheted shawls. In this video, crochet expert Mary Beth Temple explains the basics of shell stitches. Once you understand the basics of shell stitches, you’ll be able to work any crocheted shell stitch pattern out there!

For a shell stitch, several stitches are worked into a single stitch to create the shell. Mary Beth mentions that the pattern you are working will tell you exactly which stitch to work into. She then demonstrates how to work a 5 dc (double crochet) shell. She skips the next two stitches and the works 5 double crochets all into the next stitch. She skips two more stitches and works a single crochet in the following stitch. This is a standard construction for a shell stitch pattern; however, different patterns will have different stitches or stitch counts.

Mary Beth points out that a shell stitch isn’t just one stitch – it’s a type of stitch for which there are thousands of stitch patterns. The abbreviations or special stitches section of the crochet pattern will indicate the specific shell pattern that is to be worked in your project.